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The Eagle Protect Standard

The Eagle Standard ensures our products meet consistent high quality specifications and are manufactured sustainably and ethically via our fully transparent supply chain

Eagle Protect |
Product & Manufacturing Quality Matters

The Eagle Standard offers you solutions to:

  • Glove Contamination
  • Ripped Gloves
  • Glove Prices
  • Skin Irritation
  • Worker Efficiency
  • Environmental Impact
  • Ethical Supply Chain
Eagle Protect Glove Thumbs Up

Delta Zero

Delta Zero Verified

Benefits to you

Confidence in the consistent highest quality and performance of Eagle’s gloves is key to optimal working conditions and mitigates the risks of glove contamination.

B Corporation

Benefits to you

Being a B Corporation means we're part of an elite group of companies that value people, planet, and profit equally. We're proud to be among businesses that redefine success in business, aiming to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

The Eagle Standard:
Specific Solutions by Industry

Highest manufacturing standards ensure Eagle gloves and clothing enhance your safety and production, safeguarding your products, staff and brand reputation
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