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Industrial Industry

Eagle Protect Solutions Industrial Industry

Eagle’s premium industrial nitrile gloves and clothing offer superior durability and barrier protection against chemicals, particularly petroleum based, skin allergies and irritation.
Eagle Protect Solutions Industrial Industry


Eagle Protect Solutions Industrial Industry

Ripped Gloves

Highest quality manufacturing standards and raw material ingredients ensure Eagle gloves are strong, durable and puncture resistant, manufactured for extreme performance.
Eagle Protect Solutions Industrial Industry

Glove Prices

Premium quality raw materials in Eagle gloves enhance durability and eliminate ripping, reducing usage, waste and monthly glove costs.
Eagle Protect Solutions Industrial Industry

SKin Irritation

Eagle gloves for sensitive skin offer superior barrier protection for wearers prone to contact dermatitis, skin allergies and irritation - due to Eagle's premium ingredients and manufacturing standards.


Better Glove Quality Reduces Cost

Through their own analysis, the Company determined 30% of their gloves were ripping, with triple gloving a common occurrence to alleviate glove frequent glove changes. Delta Zero™ verified, Eagle FineTOUGH nitrile gloves solved this problem and they’ve worked with our team ever since.
Eagle Protect Solutions Industrial Industry

How Better Quality Gloves Reduce Glove Cost

Company: Nationwide Food Market
Industry: Food and Retail
Location: Nationwide
Problem: Ripping gloves increasing glove usage and monthly spend


Following meeting the Company’s food safety representatives at the Food Safety Summit, Eagle began a commercial trial of their FineTOUGH nitrile gloves in both the butchery and deli departments of 8 west coast locations. Eagle’s research into the cross-contamination risks of disposable gloves alerted them to their current food safety procedural risks.
The company was losing 20-30% of all gloves due to ripping.....Butchers were also triple gloving because of this.

Through their own analysis, the Company determined it was then losing 20-30% of all gloves on donning due to ripping, depending on location in the butchery and deli departments. Additionally, a further 20% of gloves were ripping with usage. It was found that butchers throughout most locations were also triple gloving because of ripping - to avoid time spent washing hands and redonning new gloves.

Other unfavorable observations due to ripping gloves, including compromised food safety procedures, were:

1. Gloves being dispensed from pockets - to avoid costly time walking to glove dispensing stations.

2. Hands not being washed between frequent glove rips.

3. Triple gloving increased musculoskeletal effort for workers and reduced dexterity.

4.Excessive glove waste.

Cost Savings

At the time in 2017, the Company was purchasing vinyl gloves at $1.60 per 100. Eagle FineTOUGH’s were $2.50 per 100, 56% more expensive. However, the monthly cost was unchanged, or even reduced, due to the Eagle glove's premium quality, leading to an immediate reduction in ripping and therefore usage reduction.

Pre-trial Glove Costs (2017)

Eagle Glove Cost (2017)
1,000 cases vinyl gloves $16/case (1,000 gloves/case)
= $16,000
450 cases FineTOUGH nitrile gloves $50/case (2,000 gloves/case)
= $22,000
Additional costs:
25% immediate ripping = $4,000 replacement cost
20% ripping with usage = $3,200 replacement cost
Total spend = $23,200
Total spend = $22,000

Other Important Eagle Glove Benefits

Over and above the cost savings, Eagle gloves also provided immediate benefits to the Company:

Food Safety Procedures Enhanced:

- Dispensing gloves from glove boxes rather than pockets (violation of food safety procedures)

- Hand-washing protocols were followed, with glove changes only required during breaks or job rotations

- Recalls due to glove pieces found in food are unlikely

-Pathogen cross-contamination from dirty gloves is unlikely

Staff Efficiencies Improved:

- Increased time spent working rather than wasted changing gloves

- Softer, thinner gloves require less musculoskeletal effort which results in faster, more efficient working conditions

- No skin irritation from potential toxic raw materials in cheap gloves

Glove Waste Reduction:

- Reduced usage directly results in reduced glove waste

- No triple gloving is required, again reducing gloves used

Final Consideration

Research has highlighted the food safety risks of gloves for many years. Recently, commercial recalls due to glove contamination further highlight why glove quality must be considered in food safety protocols. Focusing on glove cost alone has the potential to cause a company a costly recall and have a negative effect on their brand reputation. While this may seem like the best financial option on paper, it does not reduce monthly glove costs.

Why Important

- 45% of the cheaper gloves ripped, making them unusable

-work inefficiencies with frequent glove changes

- compromised food safety
Delta Zero Verified

Top 5 Industrial Glove Issues Solved

Disposable gloves are a crucial component of PPE for industrial use, and protect workers from chemicals, acids, petroleum. Eagle Industrial gloves provide extra strength and durability, and enhance worker safety - such as textured gloves to improve grip, enhanced thickness for puncture resistance, extended cuff length for extra coverage. Read how Eagle’s high-quality ppe for industrial use solves the top five glove issues.


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