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Safety Starts With

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Providing a full arsenal of quality safety and PPE products to Healthcare, Industrial, Food Processing, Foodservice, Jan-San, Labs, EMS, Education, Commercial, and Manufacturing workers on the front lines.

Disposable Gloves
Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl, Hybrid EVA and Polyethelyne Gloves to assure the proper fit for your job.
VGuard® 6 mil Blue Nitrile Chemo Exam Glove
Reusable Gloves
Chemical Resistant, Inspection, Liners and Warehouse Glove for the jobs that require your attention every day.
VGuard® 75 mil Black Neoprene Kevlar Lined Glove
Protective Apparel
Keeping you protected with Aprons, Beard Covers, Hoods, Lab Coats, Sleeves and MORE
VGuard White Polyethylene Apron
3-Ply to N95 Masks to keep your team's worries at bay.
VGuard® Disposable 3-ply Kids Ear Loop Face Mask
The Eagle Standard ensures our products meet consistent high quality specifications and are manufactured sustainably and ethically via our fully transparent supply chain.

Product Protection

Eagle Protect offers high-quality gloves that provide superior product protection. Their gloves are designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring safety and mitigating risk in various industries.

Ethical Pricing

Eagle Protect is committed to ethical sourcing. Suppliers must pass their rigorous Supplier Code of Conduct, which is a key part of their supply chain transparency. This commitment means you can trust that your purchase supports fair labor practices.

Environmentally Fair Manufacturing Practices

Eagle Protect follows Environmentally Better manufacturing practices4. They also adhere to the "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" philosophy, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of glove use.

High Durability

Eagle Protect's gloves are designed for durability. For example, their nitrile gloves are 5mil thick, offering extra strength and durability.

Proudly serving
those who protect and serve us.


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