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Cannabis Industry

Eagle Protect Solutions Cannabis Industry

Eagle cannabis gloves and clothing are premium durability, reduce skin issues and ensure against contamination, protecting your products, staff and brand reputation.
Eagle Protect Solutions Cannabis Industry


Eagle Protect Solutions, Cannabis Industry

Glove Contamination

New tech manufacturing processes and premium quality raw materials ensure the highest level of consistent Eagle cannabis glove quality and protection - pesticide and toxin free.
Eagle Protect Solutions, Cannabis Industry

Ripped Gloves

Highest quality manufacturing standards and raw material ingredients ensure Eagle cannabis gloves are strong, durable and puncture resistant, manufactured for extreme performance.
Eagle Protect Solutions, Cannabis Industry

Worker Efficiency

Better quality raw materials mean Eagle cannabis gloves are produced lighter yet stronger, reducing stress to hands and upper limbs, and improving dexterity and worker efficiency.


Eagle Gloves Eliminate Complaints, Reduce Cost

Contaminated gloves were responsible for the recall of products from a pesticide free cannabis producer and processor, Freya Farm. The antimicrobial chemical o-Phenylphenol (OPP), a compound known to cause cancer, was identified as the contaminant in the FDA compliant food grade gloves. Freya Farm now uses Eagle’s Delta Zero™ verified, FineTOUGH nitrile gloves, guaranteed to mitigate glove contamination risks.
Eagle Protect Solutions, Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Recall: Eliminating Contamination with Verified Clean Gloves

Company: Freya Farm
Industry: Cannabis
Location: Washington
Problem: Identify & eliminate product contamination introduced by processing tools

Freya Farm is a cannabis producer and processor in Washington. They are passionate about organic cannabis cultivation, growing high-grade and unique strains.


Although these gloves, sourced from a previous supplier, were FDA food compliant, glove factories supplying the U.S. food industries are not subjected to rigorous ongoing FDA monitoring or scrutiny. Few controls are required in relation to the reliability and consistency of raw material ingredients, manufacturing processes, cleanliness and factory compliance.
This means there is opportunity for manufacturers to reduce costs by using cheap raw materials which lower glove durability, and may introduce toxic compounds which can transfer to glove users and products handled - potentially leading to a cannabis recall.

o-Phenylphenol, responsible for Freya Farm’s cannabis recall, is listed by the OEHHAA as a compound known to cause cancer. It was unknowingly transferred to their product by using contaminated FDA food compliant disposable gloves.

Problems Identified

Following a cannabis recall due to their products testing positive for the antimicrobial chemical o-Phenylphenol, the Freya team conducted full testing of all items which had come in contact with their recalled cannabis products. As a last resort, their single-use “food safe” gloves were tested and found to be the contaminant.

Handling products with contaminated gloves can transfer toxic compounds to the product - risking a cannabis recall.

Risks Of Single-use Glove Contamination To The Cannabis Industry:

Cost of recalled cannabis products

Brand reputation due to cannabis recalls

Possible dermal absorption of toxins to staff wearing gloves 8 hours / day


Mitigate The Risk Of Cannabis Recalls:

Freya Farm immediately eliminated the contaminated glove issue by sourcing Eagle FineTOUGH and Sensitive nitrile gloves.

Eagle Protect’s proprietary third-party glove analysis ensures a range of Eagle gloves are truly food safe and won’t contaminate products being handled. The analysis tests for:

Cleanliness (microbial & fungal contaminants)

Chemicals & toxins

Durability & cross-contamination potential

Manufacturing consistency is essential to ensure gloves adhere to the highest level of food safety performance.


Purchasing gloves, of no known origin or quality, is a potential business risk. To mitigate this, it is essential to purchase disposable gloves from established suppliers with known quality control measures in place.

The cost of a cannabis recall is too high.

Why Eagle's Glove Analysis?

A range of Eagle gloves are third-party tested to ensure they are clean, safe and of high-quality.

Eagle products are single-sourced to guarantee manufacturing consistency - meaning you get the same product every single time.


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